LGBT: CSO Spectrum


We are a close community of people who celebrate the arts and support LGBT artists and programs—all while having a fabulous time together! We gather and celebrate the arts at unique experiences throughout the season and we invite you to join us.

Whether you are a music-lover, a supporter of the LGBT community, or just enjoy a good cocktail now and then—Spectrum has something for everyone!

Together we raised over $12,000 to support LGBT artists and programs this season including Melissa Etheridge, Rhapsody in Blue and Well-Strung. 

Well-Strung Gallery

Plans are underway for the 2017-18 season and our return to Music Hall. If you would like to find out how you can get involved, please email 



Thank you 2016-2017 Spectrum Sponsors and Members!

Supporting Sponsor


Gold Lamé Sponsor

John Boggess and Ryan Steffen

Dianne Dunkelman

Tim Giglio

Ryan Messer and Jimmy Musuraca

Peter Quinnan and Mark Boire

WELL-STRUNG Musician Sponsor

Peter G. Courlas

Tim Giglio

Rick Kammerer & Tim Cagle

Bruce Preston and Doug Ignatius

Spectrum Members

Dan Braunm and Stephen Haas

Victor Canfield and Richard Sacksteder

Freeman Durham and Dean Clevenger

Deborah Finlay

John L. Harrison

Rick Kay and Jim Kelly

Kathy Nardiello

Micah Paldino

Brett Stover

Promotional Partners

Greater Cincinnati Gay Chamber of Commerce

Cincinnati Pride 2017


October 2015 Cocktail Party