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December 2017

Holiday Pops

This month John Morris Russell conducts Holiday Pops, which celebrates the best music of this joyful season with some special Cincinnati-inspired surprises.

CODA | Fanfare Cincinnati

Chris Pinelo

Albert Einstein once wrote, “To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination....” I am on a perpetual quest to flex that creative imagination by engaging in conversations that raise new questions, considering new possibilities, and initiating conversations that do not shy away from challenging topics.

Letter from the President | December 2017

It is an honor to be the new President of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and I am delighted to have moved back to Ohio. I'm especially thrilled to be a part of the Cincinnati community. 

If It Sounds Good, It Is Good | December 2017

John Morris Russell

American Originals had its first incarnation in 2015, and has developed into one of the most exciting undertakings of my career.