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April 2018

Classical Roots: Under One Roof

This year’s Classical Roots concert, “Under One Roof,” celebrates the history and artistry of African-American artists and audiences that helped shape Music Hall as an important cultural destination. Friday, April 20; John Morris Russell conducts.

CODA | Fanfare Cincinnati

Chris Pinelo

Albert Einstein once wrote, “To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination....” I am on a perpetual quest to flex that creative imagination by engaging in conversations that raise new questions, considering new possibilities, and initiating conversations that do not shy away from challenging topics.

Letter from the President | April 2018

When we have the opportunity to interface with a legendary icon, those are moments that stay with us.

If It Sounds Good, It Is Good | April 2018

John Morris Russell

Music Hall has been a vibrant gathering place for Cincinnati since it was completed in 1879, but much of its story is untold.