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Spotlight on Kate & Pete Brown

(and Ginny)


Spotlight on Kate & Pete Brown (and Ginny)

Kate and Pete Brown never expected to end up in Cincinnati. Both grew up on the East Coast (Kate in New Jersey and Pete in Maine), and they met in Virginia at a concert by country legend Robert Earl Keen. A few years later they were married in Richmond, and the couple moved to Cincinnati when Pete was recruited by Western & Southern, where he currently works as Assistant Vice President, Digital Marketing.

After their arrival in Cincinnati, Pete and Kate attended the CSO’s Opening Night Gala in September of 2011 with U.S. Bank, where Kate works as a Wealth Planner with the Private Client Reserve. “It was the first time we had gone to Music Hall and both of us will never forget standing in Washington Park and staring in awe at this amazing building,” said Pete. That night, the Browns struck up a conversation with a fellow concertgoer, Rob McDonald, who at the time was co-chair of the CSO’s young professional volunteer group, CSO Encore. New in town and knowing very few people, Pete and Kate accepted Rob’s invitation to an upcoming Encore After-Party. They immediately felt welcome, as if they had been a part of the group for years. From that point on, the CSO had them hooked, and both have remained involved with Encore—Pete even succeeded Rob as co-chair, a position he currently holds. “We joke with him about it, but his outreach had a tremendous impact on our life in Cincinnati. We couldn’t imagine our lives without Encore!” said Pete.

One the Browns’ favorite aspects of Encore is the series of “Étude” events, educational gatherings where attendees enjoy the opportunity to learn about upcoming concert programs. “We are still learning our way around the classical landscape, but we have developed a tremendous appreciation for the musical diversity the CSO provides,” said Kate. “We’re also amazed at how often we go to Music Hall and experience something we have never seen or heard before. Programs such as MusicNOW push the boundaries of what we expect to experience from the CSO.” The best part of their involvement, however, is the people they have met along the way. These Cincinnati transplants have made some great friends through the CSO, and they continue to be inspired by the passion and achievements of those around them.

In January of 2014, Pete and Kate welcomed their first child, Virginia Frances Brown (Ginny). From their home in Mariemont to their offices downtown and weekends spent in Over-the-Rhine, they love the small-town feel and close-knit community Cincinnati offers. “We’re in OTR almost every weekend and it is so cool to see the how alive that area is. Ginny has spent a lot of time down there in her first year,” said Pete.

Kate and Pete also appreciate the passion that Cincinnati has for its arts community, with its unique combination of world-class arts, passionate people and beautiful historic venues. They consider themselves lucky to work for employers that value and support the arts, a commitment that impressed them as newcomers to the city. While balancing work, volunteering and a new baby can be a challenge, they love that their involvement with the CSO is something they can take part in together.

“When thinking about our future, our hope is to raise our daughter in the welcoming and loving community of Cincinnati, to continue to push ourselves, explore new areas, experience new things, and continue to pay it forward for future generations in appreciation of all the many blessings that we have been given,” said Kate.