Spotlight on Encore


Best of Baroque: Handel + Bach w/ After Party


The after party will be an evening of indulgences fit for seventeenth-century royalty! Toast to fellow music lovers with a complimentary glass of champagne or beer and revel in a suite of treats inspired by our favorite queen, Cincinnati.

CSO Encore had its beginnings in the early 2000s, when a small group of young adult classical music lovers would go to a bar before and after CSO concerts and discuss the music and musicians they had experienced. Eventually this group of friends started planning trivia nights and talk-back sessions with a focus on introducing their peers to the CSO. Today, Encore events range from intimate gatherings to big parties attended by young professionals—many of whom have never before attended a CSO concert—who socialize, dance, learn about music, and mingle with guest artists and musicians.

The CSO Encore planning committee includes about 20 young professionals from around the region. While some have a musical background, many members got involved as a way to meet other YPs with an interest in music and the arts. CSO Encore members often become regular concert attendees and patrons, even when family or career obligations take priority over after-parties. Several members have even gone on to serve on the CSO’s Board of Directors.

CSO Encore co-chairs, Megan Selnick and Elisha Roser, have both been involved with Encore for several years. “Having grown up attending the CSO, when a friend asked me to get involved, it was an obvious ‘Yes!’” said Megan, who works as a Cause Curator with BowTie Cause & The BowTie Foundation. While the ways people prefer to get involved with organizations like the CSO are ever-changing, she noted that the family-like atmosphere and exciting collaborations have made her involvement rewarding.

Elisha says being part of CSO Encore makes the city “a little smaller,” by opening up doors to meeting people she otherwise might not have met. Although she was born in Cincinnati, she and her family lived in Harare, Zimbabwe for 18 years before she returned to attend Miami University (Oxford). After graduation, she got a job in Cincinnati and stayed. “They say people from Cincinnati always find their way back here—I know that’s certainly true for me,” she said.

Both Megan and Elisha find their involvement in CSO Encore rewarding, not only for newfound friendships but also for “…the ability to be a part of an amazing organization that gives back to the community,” said Elisha. CSO Encore’s role in supporting the CSO’s mission and vision, particularly in engaging young adults, is invaluable.

“CSO Encore is a fabulous way to meet new people, especially if you’re a transplant, as well as one that enjoys the arts,” said Megan. “It truly has made me, as well as I’m sure others, feel as though they are a part of a family—a lover of music kind of family!”

Attending a CSO Encore-sponsored event is as easy as purchasing a ticket, which includes seating at a CSO concert as well as access to the after-party. As a bonus, parties are often attended by CSO musicians and star guest artists. The 2016–17 CSO Encore season kicked off Sept. 30 with The Pelléas Trilogy and after-party at L. The series continues Nov. 12 with the CSO’s “Best of Baroque” concert, Mar. 11 with “Rhapsody in Blue” and May 9 with the Pops’ highly anticipated performance with Ben Folds. For each event, attendees sit with other YPs at the concert, mix and mingle during intermission and continue the party at a unique venue. Attendees who wish to get more involved may also contact the planning committee to help curate future events.

Want to get involved? Visit or and sign up to receive email updates or to contact the committee.