A Letter from the President February 2018


Dear Friends,

Concerts are shared experiences that draw us closer together with friends, family and neighbors. They connect us in ways that build a stronger sense of community. 

When I ask someone about their first concert experience, not only are they able to tell me who was performing and what they heard, but also who they shared that concert experience with. Taking it a step further, they can also often recall how full the performance venue was and describe the energy of the audience.

Strong performances stay with us, and we never grow tired of recalling them—especially with the people who shared that experience with us.

“Questions to discuss on the way home” is a regular feature of our Fanfare Cincinnati magazine for each of the CSO programs and provides conversation starters. Whether you use those or not, every live concert performance is a unique snapshot in time and there’s always a lot to talk about.

A 2017 Bloomberg article sums it up nicely: “Years of research have found that spending money on an experience—concert tickets, a surfing trip, even a simple meal with friends—is more likely to make us happier than buying a fancy car or piece of real estate. And deep down, we know it already. Our brains get bored with possessions, but we never tire of telling stories about our lives. Time truly is our most precious commodity.”

We are delighted that you have chosen to spend time and share this concert experience with us. Enjoy the performance!