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Friday Orange. A stimulating live music experience.


Concerts for the Curious 

Make the most of your Friday Orange experience:

• Three Fridays of arts and culture at its pinnacle: outstanding music by a world-class orchestra. No need to be intimidated--you're welcome here. 
• Experience guest-curated surprises throughout the evening. No two Friday Oranges are the same. 
• Mingle before and after the concert, grab a bite at Food Truck Fridays in Washington Park. 
• Wear a hint of orange! Check out Cincinnati Refined for some inspiration. Consider it a wink to say, "I'm in." We'll compliment a few orange-wearers each concert with a free drink ticket.

Tickets start at just $15, and if this is your first concert you can get a $10 ticket by calling 513.381.3300! Check out our upcoming events below . . . 

18/19 Music Hall Season


Recent Friday Orange events have featured performance art, dance, music, and participatory activations by curators including:


• Annie Saunders, Director an immersive experience-maker of Wilderness
• Alexandra Harcha-Montes, Art Director and multidisciplinary design professional
• Dani Green, Executive Director of Exhale Dance Tribe
• James Darrah, LA-based choreographer and stage director
• Kim Popa, Executive Director of Pones dance company
• Micah Paldino, Founder of brand storytelling firm Fallon Thatcher
• Rachel Robert, Owner of the Yoga Bar
• Ricardo Esteban, hip-hop dancer and graphic artist