Q + A with Sara Evans


Fanfare Cincinnati: You’ve collaborated with some of the biggest names in country music. Have you collaborated with an orchestra before? What are some of the rewards/challenges of that experience?

Sara Evans: Yes, I’ve been very fortunate to perform with some amazing orchestras before. It’s hard for me to even accurately describe the feeling I get when I’m on stage and I hear the orchestra first start to play with one of my songs. It’s hard for me to stay focused and sing because I am SO moved and it makes me emotional. There’s nothing that compares to the beautiful sound an orchestra produces and to have that sound paired with my band and songs literally takes my breath away.

FC: You’ve been performing and recording since you were a teenager. How do you continue to keep your music career fresh?

SE: Other than being a mother and wife, I was put on this earth to sing. It’s definitely my calling and every time I get on stage it’s like a wave of happiness hits me and any other stresses or life issues disappear for that time I’m performing. Career wise I’m always creating and keeping my sound fresh. I’ve definitely developed my “Sara Evans” sound and know when a song fits me both lyrically and melodically. I love working with new producers, musicians, songwriters, etc. because everyone brings their own perspective and fresh take on the music and may push me to look at something I wouldn’t have thought of on my own. 

FC: This concert is all about the defining music of America. What is the role of music in American culture, in your opinion?

SE: Music literally is the soundtrack to our lives. I think Americans love music so much that we need it to thrive. We listen to it on the radio, it’s in movies we see, the TV shows we watch, the commercials on TV, it’s playing in the background when you’re at the supermarket, etc. Music literally goes with us on the journey through our lives and affects us more than we realize.

FC: What upcoming projects are on the horizon for you?

SE: I just signed a new record deal with Concord Records and have begun writing and working on my first album with them. So far we have some amazing songs, and I couldn’t be happier with the early direction it’s taking. It will come out early next year. I also have some other creative and fun projects in the works that we’ll be announcing soon. 

FC: The Orchestra’s mission statement is “To seek and share inspiration.” Where do you seek, find and share inspiration, musically or otherwise?

SE: I seek inspiration for my music and life by constantly exploring great TV shows, documentaries, listening to podcasts, and filling my brain and emotions with how other people live and think and what others have gone through. 

FC: Anything else you’d like to add?

SE: I’m so honored to be appearing with the Cincinnati Pops and can’t wait for the shows!