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Friday Orange. A stimulating live music experience.


Concerts for the Curious 

Make the most of your Friday Orange experience:

• Three Fridays of arts and culture at its pinnacle: outstanding music by a world-class orchestra. No need to be intimidated--you're welcome here. 
• Experience guest-curated surprises throughout the evening. No two Friday Oranges are the same. 
• Mingle before and after the concert, grab a bite at Food Truck Fridays in Washington Park. 
• Wear a hint of orange! Check out Cincinnati Refined for some inspiration. Consider it a wink to say, "I'm in." We'll compliment a few orange-wearers each concert with a free drink ticket.

Tickets start at just $15, and if this is your first concert you can get a $10 ticket by calling 513.381.3300! Check out our upcoming events below . . . 

18/19 Music Hall Season


Recent Friday Orange events have featured performance art, dance, music, and participatory activations by curators including Ricardo Esteban (hip-hop dancer and graphic artist), James Darrah (LA-based choreographer and stage director), Micah Paldino (OTR connector, Founder of brand storytelling firm Fallon Thatcher, creator of Blaise Bender), Kim Popa (executive director of Pones dance company), and Rachel Roberts (OTR connector, owner of the Yoga Bar and entrepreneur).