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Pre-concert Wine Tastings in Corbett Tower


Series 3 Pre-Concert Wine Tastings in Corbett Tower

Embrace the historic charm of Corbett Tower with family and friends and a glass in hand.

Explore artisanal wines curated by sommelier Kevin Hart of Hart & Cru before Series 3 Saturday Subscription performances. Each wine is hand-selected to reflect the evening’s concert program.

The tasting is offered from 6:30 pm - 8 pm before the following concerts—the recommended arrival time to participate in the full tasting experience is at least 45 minutes prior to concert start. Tasting notes and tales of the winemaker are shared with each pour. No reservations required.  

 Feb 23 – Beethoven’s Eroica

 Mar 30 – Langrée Conducts Beethoven

 Apr 27 – Ravel + Debussy: Colors of Spain