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P&G Founders Room


P&G Founders Room


By 2011 the tremors in her hands had intensified to the point where she could no longer hold her paintbrush steady. Many artists would consider this a career-ending obstacle. Not local artist Clara Harkavy. She found a way to take back control of her art—by abandoning not only her brushes, but also the conventional methods of creating art she had practiced since age five. She discovered that she could produce stunning works of art by “drizzling” paint through the narrow nozzle of a plastic bottle. No blending. Only drizzling. Layering color upon color onto a roughly sketched image of her subject on canvas.

Her work with this new painting technique eventually inspired her to find a way to connect with another form of artistic expression she enjoyed—music: “I wanted to find a way to marry my love of the symphony with the art world. I wanted to give the musicians their own voice from within their portraits,” Clara said.

The process of joining the two art forms took nearly two years to perfect. Clara’s gift was an accumulative process of drizzling, enlisting numerous color applications to finally depict the subjects in a way she hopes will be enjoyed for eternity. Breaking the barrier between herself and the canvas, this artist brought each musician with their instrument to life, without using a single stroke of a paintbrush. “I want people to experience seeing the music in a visually creative way. I tried to capture and communicate their voices beyond the limitations of sound,” she said.

Clara’s artwork will be on display in the P&G Founders Room at Music Hall for all to experience. The exhibit will rotate portraits of individual musicians each month throughout the 2018–19 season.