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  Meet the Orchestra  

  The artists of the Cincinnati Symphony & Pops Orchestras are world-class, inspirational performers who have come from around the globe to live and work as members of the Greater Cincinnati community. The high level of artistry and musicianship they bring to the stage plays a major role in enhancing the quality of life and the vitality of this region. As individuals they are artists, teachers, collaborators, friends and neighbors whose contributions go well beyond the stage. We invite you to meet and get to know these extraordinary people.  
  Louis Langrée, Music Director  
  John Morris Russell, Pops Conductor  
  Paavo Järvi, Music Director Laureate  
  Jesús López-Cobos, Music Director Emeritus  
  William C. White, Assistant Conductor  
  Robert Treviño, Associate Conductor  
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  Timothy Lees, Concertmaster | Anna Sinton Taft Chair  
  Rebecca McMullan Culnan *  
  Kathryn Woolley, Acting Associate Concertmaster | Tom & Dee Stegman Chair  
  Open, First Assistant Concertmaster | James M. Ewell Chair +++  
  Anna Reider, Acting First Assistant Concertmaster | Dianne & J. David Rosenberg Chair  
  Eric Bates, Nicholas Tsimaras–Peter G. Courlas Chair +++  
  Sylvia Samis, Assistant Concertmaster Emeritus | Anne G. and Robert W. Dorsey Chair (CSO Only)  
  Minyoung Baik | Serge Shababian Chair  
  Mauricio Aguiar  
  James Edward Braid |The Marc Bohlke Chair Given by Katrin and Manfred Bohlke.  
  Janet Carpenter  
  Michelle Edgar Dugan  
  Rebecca Kruger Fryxell  
  Gerald Itzkoff | The Jean Ten Have Chair  
  Lois Reid Johnson  
  Sylvia Mitchell | Jo Ann & Paul Ward Chair  
  Luo-Jia Wu  
  Gabriel Pegis, Principal | Al Levinson Chair  
  Open, Associate Principal | Harold B. & Betty Justice Chair  
  Scott Mozlin, Acting Associate Principal | The Henry Meyer Chair  
  Kun Dong, Acting Assistant Principal  
  Cheryl Benedict  
  Drake Crittenden Ash  
  Harold Byers | Ida Ringling North Chair  
  Chiun-Teng Cheng  
  Chika Kinderman  
  Paige Kossuth  
  Hyesun Park  
  Paul Patterson | Charles Gausmann Chair +++  
  Sung Hee Shin  
  Stacey Woolley | Brenda & Ralph Taylor Chair +++  
  Christian Colberg, Principal | Louise D. & Louis Nippert Chair  
  Paul R. Frankenfeld, Associate Principal | Grace M. Allen Chair  
  Julian Wilkison, Assistant Principal  
  Marna Street, Principal Emeritus  
  Rebecca Barnes  
  Belinda Reuning Burge  
  Stephen Fryxell  
  Gi Yeon Koh  
  Denisse Rodriguez-Rivera  
  Steven Rosen | Melinda and Irwin Simon Chair  
  Joanne Wojtowicz  
  Ilya Finkelshteyn, Principal | Irene & John J. Emery Chair  
  Daniel Culnan, Associate Principal | Ona Hixson Dater Chair  
  Norman E. Johns, Assistant Principal | Karl and Roberta Schlachter Family Chair  
  Matthew Lad | The Marvin Kolodzik Chair  
  Susan Marshall-Petersen | Laura Kimble McLellan Chair +++  
  Hiro Matsuo  
  Theodore Nelson | Kenneth & Norita Aplin and Stanley Ragle Chair  
  Alan Rafferty | Ruth F. Rosevear Chair  
  Charles Snavely | Peter G. Courlas–Nicholas Tsimaras Chair +++  

  Owen Lee, Principal | Mary Alice Heekin Burke Chair +++  
  James Lambert, Associate Principal  
  Matthew Zory, Assistant Principal ++  
  Wayne Anderson  
  Boris Astafiev  
  Ronald Bozicevich  
  Rick Vizachero  
  Gillian Benet Sella, Principal | Cynthia & Frank Stewart Chair  
  Randy Bowman, Principal | Charles Frederic Goss Chair  
  Amy Taylor | Jane & David Ellis Chair  
  Henrik Heide, Associate Principal  
  Joan Voorhees | Patricia Gross Linnemann Chair  
  Dwight Parry, Principal | Josephine I. & David J. Joseph, Jr. Chair  
  Richard Johnson | Donald & Margaret Robinson Chair +++  
  Lon Bussell  
  Christopher Philpotts, Principal | Alberta & Dr. Maurice Marsh Chair  
  Jonathan Gunn, Principal | Emma Margaret & Irving D. Goldman Chair  
  Ixi Chen | The Vicky and Rick Reynolds Chair in Honor of William A. Friedlander  
  Benjamin Freimuth | Robert E. & Fay Boeh Chair+++  
  Ron Aufmann  
  William Winstead, Principal | Emalee Schavel Chair +++  
  Martin Garcia, Associate Principal  
  T. Hugh Michie  
  Jennifer Monroe  
  Elizabeth Freimuth, Principal | Mary M. & Charles F. Yeiser Chair  
  Thomas Sherwood, Associate Principal | Ellen A. & Richard C. Berghamer Chair  
  Elizabeth Porter, Assistant Principal  
  Duane Dugger | The Mary and Joseph Stern, Jr Chair  
  Lisa Conway | The Susanne and Philip O. Geier, Jr chair  
  Charles Bell  
  Matthew Ernst, Principal | Rawson Chair  
  Douglas Stephen Lindsay, Associate Principal | Jackie & Roy Sweeney Chair  
  Christopher Kiradjieff, Assistant Principal  
  Steven Pride | Otto M. Budig Family Foundation Chair +++  
  Cristian Ganicenco, Principal | Dorothy & John Hermanies Chair  
  Richard Harris  
  Peter Norton  
  Carson McTeer, Principal  
  Patrick Schleker, Principal | Matthew & Peg Woodside Chair  
  Richard Jensen, Associate Principal  
  David Fishlock, Principal | Susan S. & William A. Friedlander Chair  
  Richard Jensen, Acting Associate Principal | Morleen & Jack Rouse Chair  
  Pedro Fernandez  
  Marc Wolfley ++  
  Timothy Berens ++  
  Michael Chertock | James P. Thornton Chair  
  Julie Spangler | James P. Thornton Chair ++  


  Mary Judge, Principal | Lois Klein Jolson Chair  
  Christina Eaton, Associate Principal  
  Joseph D. Hopper  
  Ralph LaRocco, Jr.  
  John D. Murphy  
  ++ Cincinnati Pops rhythm section
+++ CSO endowment only
* Leave of Absence


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